About Us

Balkan Kapital is an entrepreneurial investment & consultancy firm headquartered in Sarajevo. We focus on business opportunities in the countries of the former Yugoslavia and have over 10 years experience “on the ground”, having invested in excess of €20million in the region. Our business interests in the region range from production and development to distribution and consultancy. We are a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, ethical company committed to the cross-border success of the region and to the integration of all former Yugoslav countries within the European Union. Our primary focus is on environmentally-sustainable investment opportunities and businesses.


smile Our Mission is improve the prosperity and health of the people of the Western Balkans by creating a network of profitable and sustainable businesses which will provide jobs, increase exports while simultaneously protecting and enhancing the local environment.


Our objective is to create a portfolio of Innovative, Environmentally-Sustainable , profitable businesses within the region of the former Yugoslavia (Population excess 22million). Balkan Kapital is committed to an innovative approach whereby job creation and economic growth in the region are central to our purpose. Underlying profitability of all individual businesses is a pre-requisite to the sustainable development of our business model. The support of Entrepreneurship in the region is a key focus and objective. The building of marketing and branding strategies to support exports from the region is a key component of our success. We also act as local partners / distribution agents for international businesses seeking to enter the Western Balkan markets.